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100% hand-made

01 - Breeding and mowing

The Berbers raised their flocks in the mountainous areas of the Moroccan Atlas. In spring, the sheep are stripped of their fur. Traditional shearing is carried out using scissors.

02 - Washing Wool

The sheep's wool is cleaned and eroded on the stone. It dries for several hours in the sun. Any small impurities remaining are then removed by hand.

03 - Filage De La Laine

Using a traditional spindle, Berber weavers spin the wool by hand, pinching it between their expert fingers. Patience is the watchword for this meticulous work.

04 - Dyeing

The wool is boiled in containers containing plants to dye it, then air-dried. Red, ochre, blue... it comes back to life!

05 - Assembly and weaving

The weavers create the weft of the carpet, which they place on a loom. The carpet is made up of knots and takes several weeks to make. A truly colossal task.

06 - Washing and drying

Final step, the wool rug is cleaned several times and finally dried in the sun. Result: a unique object combining imagination and know-how



100% de notre sélection d’objets et de tapis sont faits main selon des procédés artisanaux.


We collaborate with artisans who define their prices to allow them to perpetuate their historical know-how.


Ici, pas de production polluante à grande échelle, tout est produit à l’unité, nous privilégions la qualité et le respect de la Terre.

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